Klorofeel Foundation is incorporated as a Section 8 Company with a mission to improve the quality of education of under-privileged school students. In our journey of last 3.5 years, we have strived to improve the learning level of primary school children from the tribal communities in Bissamcuttack block of Rayagada district of Odisha at their place and pace.


Learning outside class room and beyond school hours are facilitated by specially trained local youth, called Saathis, through dedicated Learning Centers, located in the geographical boundary of each village.Education must address thinking, questioning, decision making, respect for diversity, building perspective, effective communication, and remove fear, prejudice and intolerance.Education must include sports, culture, arts, and awareness of the world around.The parent is the first teacher, and community influences the child as much as the school. Both parents and community are key stakeholders in education. We must address the Head, the Hands, and the Heart, while educating – not just the head. We value simplicity over perfection, if simplicity helps that learning.The process of effective education includes many a failure. It is the educators’ job to push students to explore their limits, introspect, and learn. At the same time, they must provide a safety net in the rare case that things go really wrong. The big green circle is not alone – it is in harmony with other circles in the ecosystem. Signifying spirit of inclusion and empathy for others and their stakes. Our circle appears bigger and more detailed only because this is in our focus.

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