Learning Outcomes









We conducted Klorofeel Student assessment for the students from Rayagada Districts in the subjects Odia and Arithmetic. Students from classes 1 to 5 attended the assessment for 25 Math skills and 45 Language skills. In Odia, students from all the 9 villages have shown an overall Learning growth of at least 20% except for Bondeiguda. Bondeiguda Learning Centre had a comparatively low student strength with 80% of students below class 3 whose syllabus covers less than 15 out of 45 skills. In Maths, students from all the 8 villages have shown an overall learning growth of at least 20% except for Chanchalamundi. The learning growth rate decreases as we move above 60 percentage learning outcome similar to the case of Chanchalamundi Learning Centre.

We conducted the international common assessment for numeracy (ICAN) with a sample size of 207 students from class 1 to 5 of Jagatsinghpur District with Test 1 in August 2020 and Test 2 in March 2021. The average score in Test 1 and 2 were 75% and 82% respectively. The students of higher classes were already scoring well in Geometry while we can see an overall growth of 7% in Data Display, 8% in Measurement, and 12% in Number Knowledge. The students have performed well in the given assessment tool scoring above 70% in both the tests.


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