March Started community learnign centers at Jajpur

April Saathi Training for piloting of TARA program


January Saathi workshop to ideate and create new contextual and engaging activities and methods for the grade specific concepts

February Saathi Workshop for participants from Bissamcuttack and Paradeep

March 12A received

May Multi-Sport and Physical Activity workshop for Saathis with support from Pro Sports Development

May Toy Library Training Workshop at Paradeep with support from Children Toy Foundation

May Learning Kit Training Workshop by Jodo Gyan.

May Science Kit Training workshop - I at Paradeep

June Online Board Meeting of Klorofeel Foundation was held on 23rd June 2020.

August A session on teaching Science to children from Class 4 & 5 in Experimental Mode by Mr. Brahmanand Swain

August International Common Assessment for Numeracy (ICAN)

September Online Classes initiated at Schools in paradeep

September In collaboration with Cognitive Exchange, Online English Classes for our Saathis to develop their debate and speech skills or we can say English Communication skills as a whole.

October English Classes started with support from Interns from KIIT international School at Paradeep


January Klorofeel Foundation at Learning Societies UnConference (LSUC 2019)

February Structured Assessments and improved documentation of results

March Toys library set up at Bissamcuttack followed by training workshop

March Boarding Meeting of Klorofeel Foundation at Mindtree

May Learning Catalysts attended 21st Waldorf (Rudolf Steiner) Education Seminar at D.C. School, in Khandala.

June Mango selling Shop set up at Bissamcuttack with Students leading the business transactions

October Klorofeel Farms started at kankubadi village of Bissamcuttack

November MoU signed with Paradeep Phosphates Ltd.


April Bissamcuttack Learning Yatra

May-June Summer Workshop 2018

September Bhubaneshwar Visit by Students and Saathis

October Cleaniliness Drives initiated in all Learning Centres

November Puvidham school's student visit to Bissamcuttack

December Saathis attended Science Kit Training workshop organised by India Literacy Project at Centre for Youth and Social Development, Bhubaneswar.


May First Saathi Training workshop at Mindtree Kalinga

June First interaction with the parents at Bissamcuttack

July Start of 9 Community Learning Centres at Bissamcuttack

August First Bamboo Library set up at Jhigidi, Bissamcuttack

October Introduction to Games and Activities in Community Learning Centres


August Klorofeel Foundation Registered


Managed by Klorofeel Foundation