A Hope, An Opportunity, A Torchbearer Or A Powerful Tool

How do we see our children?

As a hope, an opportunity for mankind or a torchbearer of our collective values and achievements?

Or as a powerful tool to end the generational or relative poverty?

Does putting societal pressure on them to follow the conditioned foolproof paths from some narrow and average pre-achievers justified as not all will touch the sky for sure?

Is education an added burden to their economic poverty and on-going erosion of dignity?

I live near a slum and there I often spend a small part of my day gazing at the ill-clad, dry head, rugged children playing unbothered. It’s mostly a self-reflection of how do I see those children. Then at times, my thoughts take me to questions like how do their parents see them, or how does the Nation see them. What do we expect from them?

Irrespective of how dedicatedly she/he might be working through the government guidelines for universal access to quality education, every individual working in the Education sector comes across these dilemmas once in a while to break her/his self-limiting beliefs.

The next big question is, how do they see us, and what do they expect from us (I am talking about the children from the slum I will gaze again tomorrow morning with this question in mind).

– Siddharth Mishra, Learning Catalyst at Klorofeel Foundation

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