And trust beholds!

If you all were there then why would we worry, said Padma Urluka mother of 9 year old Raja Urluka from Jhigdi, who went with us for Bhubneshwar excursion. ChampaPidikaka said Mamalika loved it, everything was good. We were just a li’ll scared because of the cyclones announcement but you have taken good care and everything is good and children are so happy. And when I thanked them, they said there’s nothing for you to thank, you have done a big thing, we don’t go to other villages how would we take them to other country, said a few mothers from Gotiguda. While working with the people and for the people, only thing which matters is the trust. For they thought they are doing nothing by sending their children but they’re doing the most, they have believed us and trusted us with their children for 3 whole days, which means a lot to us and is one of the biggest incentive to keep going with more zeal. ~ Pritu Intern, Klorofeel Foundation.

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