Fading tunes!

Because we believe that learning is everywhere and in everything. So we requested JabaHikaka to come and play Dhondku in front of the children and he agreed, he sang a story of an educated child who would read and write and go to distant countries. He sings how he could read the bus names and country names beautifully. Check this link to watch JabaHikaka singing and explaining his story song. The gracious JabaHikaka in his 60’s probably is a new teacher we found today and children enjoyed and even tried singing with Dhondku. https://photos.app.goo.gl/VWGQAsZDoGqm2hga9 We also decided we’ll prepare stories and do a weekly session with Dhondku. The idea is to revive the fading art education. & It started with the correct spelling of Egg or eeg and we pondered over it. So as soon as I entered the learning space in Kankubadi a kid took out his notebook willing to clear his doubts and spelling mistakes in the different word list of animal, fruit and bird names he had written in a notebook. And then we practised some pronunciation and writing. I’ve always thought they probably don’t need to learn English as their language and culture is noticeably rich but when they themselves came and took promises of me coming to the centres every day and helping them with learning this alien language, I said we’ll practice learning this language twice a week. Also I realise there’s nothing wrong in learning a language, it’s just a way to enrich their knowledge system further but only if the language isn’t implicated and forced on tiny minds. ~ Pritu, Intern, Klorofeel Foundation.

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