Flying minds!

Happiness would be a life full of life. And these children are so much of life, You should look at how they’d look out at things with full amazement. Almost each one travelled on the train for the first time and the way from Bissamcuttack to Bhubneshwar is anyways soothing with hills, fields, jungles and Chilka’s widespread view. We boarded the train around 9 at night and they slept around 11 and they were up by 4:30 before the dawn completely hit the sky, it was the excitement and the habit they have cultivated with time from the community. I recall after waking up they were all eager to cast a gaze at Chilka. Super fun, right? We went to Khandagiri and Udayagiri, all drenched but children didn’t care about them being wet, all they wanted was to cast a gaze at the caves and see something new. After khandagiri we went to airport and they could see the airplane flying a little closer, they asked us how many seats does it have? And did I ever fly in the plane? Did I fear? Did I open the window and why didn’t I open the window and so on. Their innocence is such that, after 10 year old Devi used the washroom on the airport, I paid and she was totally confused, she abruptly asked me, ‘why did you pay this man didi’? And I think I couldn’t explain her the best. PrituVatsa, Intern, Klorofeel foundation.

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