How to drive a snake!

Well I didn’t know I’m gonna learn lessons on how to drive a snake from one of the kids. But yes it’s seems pretty easy, just take a stick and chase them off. So in the morning today as soon as I arrived around 7’o clock to the Bondaigudacentre and we opened the room where we keep our tlm’s, educative and art supplies and a black snake with white stripes peeped from the corner of the room’s gate. Well then Deepak a 6 year child in no haste picked up a stick and somehow managed getting the snake out of the room and could kill it soon, stating that the snake was venomous. And this is certainly a major survival and adaptability skills and one of the important purposes of education. In the above situation I was too scared to even move 100 inches around the room, after all my school didn’t teach me to be brave and survive. It’s always much to learn from them, a 5 year old child also can swim well and climb a tree, which is definitely an important aspect of education. So while we think of framing a curriculum to suit a child’s learning and different parameters to assess a child, then these considered non-tangibles we tend to forget, which I think is much required in the 21st century, era of global warming and major adaptations. ~ PrituVatsa Intern, Klorofeel foundation.

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