On a ride to the quest!


The quest started with making learning child driven and fun. Then after conversation from different people the idea of different stations catering to different interests came to the mind. So we thought of building 8 different stations for now and keep it on for a day in a week atleast to see what happens. So let’s go on a ride to these stations and check how do these stations look like.First one was ‘book station’, which had different books of different genre, with whatever we had we had in the library rest we’ll be updating gradually.Then we had ‘music from trash station’, in which we had trash like pen’s cap, empty bottles, bucket, sticks, tin cans etc. Idea behind this was to cater to their creative minds and create different sounds.In ‘Art & craft station’, we had pen, paper, pencil, colours, some craft material to create whatever they feel like.  Then ‘writing and word’s station’ has otlms like letters/ alphabets written on a thermocol pieces, paper pieces or bottle’s caps and children have to pick the word from the herd of tlms and frame different words and maybe frame a sentence a letter on the floor itself. Also in this station we keep postcards of someone wants to write a postcard to someone and we can know about their writing skills.In ‘Abstract thought and speaking station’, we write different words from different domains on multiple small chits and then a child at a times comes and picks it up and talks about it. The idea is to check their language fluency and also challenge their stage fear.In ‘enact the thoughts station’ we keep different props, simple and easily available ones, like a stole, bottle, etc and then whatever thought comes to the child’s mind he/she has to enact that. The idea is to challenge the stage fear and learning about their thoughts. In ‘games station’ different games like zenga, tambola, count n link, making maps are kept and they try playing them without much help.  Then in the ‘forest station’, different toy animals, leave, twigs would be kept on the sand or mud and they have to arrange, kill or do different things with them and tell us the story. I see a lot of possibilities with these stations, there could several learning outcome from these which is yet to explore and different stations to add on. I also realised if we open up so much at once children do get super excited and wobbled up so this entire activity is not for 1-2 hours, but at least requires 1-2 days and has to be done regularly, for them to reach their interests and create things out of trash etc. Please drop in your feedbacks and comments. ~ PrituVatsa Intern, Klorofeel foundation.

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