Our Visual Identity

The two hands of different colours stand for collaboration as well as diversity.

When diverse minds come together, magic happens. The beaker emerges from the background.

The Beaker is traditionally a symbol of experimentation.

The bubbles in the beaker imply energy and action, something is brewing.

Notice the bubbles co-exist in different sizes and colours.

The beaker is boundary less, and there’s a certain mystique about its unbounded presence.

The hands and the beaker, together generate a lovely outcome – the rising water vapour in multiple colours – they are independent, fluid, yet aligned – come together to create a beauty we won’t perceive if they were alone.

The green background suggests a living reality – signifying growth. Green also stands for sustainability.

The big green circle is not alone – it is in harmony with other circles in the ecosystem. Signifying spirit of inclusion and empathy for others and their stakes. Our circle appears bigger and more detailed only because this is in our focus.

Rightfully, Klorofeel stands at the periphery, and is away from the centre. It won’t detract from the elegance or integrity of the picture even if we were to remove it. That’s the ideal for Klorofeel, take us away, and still the resolve persists.

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