Twings and Stories

In the evening class in Nirgundicentre we started with a new tlm made of bottle caps thought by Siddharth. It was pretty engaging for children to do multiplication and division using caps and twigs. So the caps had numbers written in English on it and twig was being used as a symbol for multiplication and division. Check the pictures to understand better.  Another half of the class was spent on story telling and book reading. And only during this session we found how good Bijay (one of our mentors) is as a story teller. While he was enacting from the story and kicking, children were laughing out loud and listening to him with complete joy and concentration. And his voice modulation was so perfect that children couldn’t get their ears off his voice. He would make faces on different emotions and they’d laugh out loud. That’s how we see our curriculum growing with lots of laugh on the list. ~ PrituVatsa Intern, Klorofeel foundation.

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