Engaging Parents

As it is the responsibility of the parents for the learning and growth of the children, we see parents as the major stakeholder in the learning journey of the children. The parents are involved from the day one on the various decision like finding a space for the learning Centre, selecting Saathis and deciding on the timing of the sessions. Interaction with the parents are taken up in group meetings and also individually. Every month the parents meet to participate in the assessment of their children and discuss on the effectiveness of the learning Centre.


The Saathis encourage parents to get actively involved in their children’s learning journey, explain the processes, and provide practical advice on how to support the children’s education at home. Parents are advised to share the rich local knowledge they have on the agriculture and also encourage their children for learning new things. To facilitate more interaction between the children and parents, the Saathis give questions to the children which they discuss with their parents for the solutions. It is kept in mind that the questions are such that the Saathi are certain that the parents know the answer. The Saathis regularly share the progress of the learning of the children with their parents.

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