Measuring progress

While understanding the importance of measuring learning, we are careful that it motivates children and not scare them. This assessment is being done as a continuous process which helps the Saathis provide special attention to the children in need. The results are also used by Saathis to reflect on their areas of improvement.

The results of assessment done for 103 students at Class 3 and 4 level shows 77% of the children from class 3 to 5 in our Learning Centers can read a class 2 level text. Similarly, 61% of the children from class 3 to 5 can do subtraction. From the results across the nine centers it could be observed that higher improvement in learning levels were observed in the new centers like Ratatikiri and Chanchalamundi and from among the older centers higher improvement was seen in Nirgundi.

Except for the Centre at Gadaba where the improvement is less, in all other centers, the improvement in learning levels of Odiya and Mathematics hovered around 25 to 30 percentage points.


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